THE KOREAN MISSILE CRISIS… 1962 Adjusted for Inflation & Conflagration

Apropos of...

Fifty-five years ago this October, I was 9 years old…just turned nine a couple of months before in fact. The world swirled around me and I’m not too sure I paid it much attention. On sunny days we’d go out and play because it was “too nice to stay in the house” according to my Mom. We didn’t have play dates…we walked around the corner, knocked on our friend’s side-door and “called for them.”

The front door was reserved for real people and guests, not kids. Besides, “who wants the kids traipsing through the living room in their dirty shoes? I just vacuumed in there.”
So came the rap on that side-door.

“Can Charlie come out to play?”

We didn’t have video games, or DVDs but I liked watching “The Three Stooges Funhouse,” hosted by “Officer” Joe Bolton and the “Abbott and Costello Show,” on that old black and white Philco…

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